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I'm so glad you're here! My name is Kevin, but most of my friends call me Kev! I'm a traveling wedding and portrait photographer based in Tulsa, OK. I married my smoking hot wife Maddie back in June 2020 and we have been having an absolute blast together! Since then, we've adopted Finn, our golden retriever best friend (head to Instagram for furry feels) and have been chasing our wildest dreams!

Hey, nice to meet you!

My photography journey is the most spontaneous thing that has ever happened to me, let me tell ya!


In 2019, I had one year of college left and then I was free as a bird. I had no idea what I was doing with my life and the future was definitely not looking very bright (except for the fact that I had finally met Maddie, the woman of my dreams and I knew I was going to marry her...I guess that's a pretty bright future?) My class had our final capstone project to complete before we graduated. The goal of the project was to put on an event for all of the donors of our college. Well, turns out, my class needed a photographer to document the event. I had a camera collecting dust in my closet that I had bought with some summer job money back in 2015 and my classmates didn't have the money to hire a they volunteered me! (Fate?)

News of the event spread throughout the campus like wildfire. Before long, I was shooting senior portraits out the wazoo and by graduation, I was doing pretty dang well! I decided to enjoy post-grad life and just make my newfound photography "biz" a side hustle.

Enter in the dreaded pandemic. Maddie and I got married in June 2020 and it was the only good thing to happen in that time period. By February 2021, I had wasted months of trying to climb the success ladder at a dead end job. I left that job and found another one to help provide for my wife and I. By June 2021 (Maddie and I's one year anniversary), I had been fired from that job that was keeping my wife and I afloat. I was destroyed and I felt completely purposeless. That time was the darkest and most depressing time of my life to date.

But I didn't give up. I cried out to God for help and provision. HE ANSWERED.


By the end of the next day, I had three random people reach out to me to capture their weddings. I had slim to no experience in the wedding industry and a portfolio that screamed "inexperienced". It made no sense at all that these people would entrust me with the biggest day of their lives. Why would they choose me, and more importantly, how did they find me? The mystery, questions, and self-sabotaging thoughts were so deafening that I almost missed the emails. Within minutes, all three of them had booked me!

I couldn't believe it.

The only explanation that I could come up with was God. I prayed. He answered. I was in need. He provided.

I left my fear behind and I dove head-first into the wedding photography industry. I filled up my time with anything and everything wedding industry related that I could get my hands on. I invested in education, branding, marketing. I hustled like I had never hustled before. And through it all, I was trusting God's direction and provision. He saved me from death, hell, and the grave so why wouldn't I?

By August 2021, I transformed my side hustle into a full-time wedding photography business!


Ever since, I have been filling up my time with incredible relationships with the coolest, most amazing people. Somehow, they trust me enough to capture their love, and that is incredibly humbling. With every day and every couple I connect with, I am reminded of the Lord's provision and His goodness. This gift He has given me to capture the beauty of creation is a gift I will never take for granted.

My photography journey has been and will probably be the most spontaneous thing that has ever happened to me. And in that spontaneity, God has woven together an adventurous and incredibly exhilarating story. 



“Our gifts and talents should also be turned over to Him. They should be recognized for what they are, God’s loan to us, and should never be considered in any sense our own. We have no more right to claim credit for special abilities than for blue eyes or strong muscles."

A.W. Tozer
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